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What do I need to purchase to fix my Gel-Coat damages on my boat?

First, you will need to determine the type of damage that the Gel-Coat on your boat has. If it has chips, scratches, and ding, the Gel-Coat Putty Paste will work fine. For worn or thin spots, or heavy scratched area's you will need to respray the damaged areas.

What different types of repair kits do Mini-Craft of Florida Inc. offer for these repairs?

We make the Patch Putty pint repair kit, for the chip, ding, and scratched areas. We offer a good selection of Liquid Gel-Coat spray repair kits. 

Who can fix the damaged Gel-Coat on my Boat?

Some of the minor repairs can be made by you as the boat owner. Should you not want to make these repair yourself, you should look for a Marina or Company that specializes in Gel-Coat repairs using the Mini-Craft McKote Gel-Coat product line to do your boat repairs.

In addition to the Marine Industry, What other industries use the Mini-Craft McKote Gel-Coat Product Line?

We make special Gelkotes for resurfacing Fiberglass Pools, Water Tanks, Motor Cycle Parts, Automotive Car Parts, Golf Cart Parts, and the list goes on. All fiberglass fabrication usually will have a Gel-Coat finish on them that will need some type of Repair's to be done sooner or later.

Learn To Fix Your Boat

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